The Devil's Daughter

Lucy Fur is on a mission. A mission from hell…literally. Her father, none other than Satan himself, has sent her to steal the soul of an innocent, a baby. In return she will be granted her freedom from her bondage to him; if she fails she will be cast into the pits for all eternity. Having no choice and just as little compunction, she sets out to seduce the uncle of the babe, Jedidiah Caine, who she knows she will have to take down as well if she is to succeed. Not a problem for an emotionless, conscience- free creature such as Lucy.

Jed had no interest in getting a high maintenance, useless female for a wife, and isn't exactly sure how it came about. He is determined to make sure Lucy understands what it is he needs from her: a hard working, capable helper. That is before he gives into what he wants from her, which is her warm body in his arms. When he finally does cave in, and she capitulates to their desires, their relationship has turned the corner to love, terrifying though this is to Lucy.

However, it's said that you can't out run the devil… and in this case the demon takes on the form of her half brother who thrives on the ghoulish pleasure he gets from taunting her. Unlikely back up comes from Lucy's human mother who shows up unexpectedly. She encourages Lucy to resist once Lucy realizes that she can not consign those she has come to love to such a hopeless existence. Still, even as Jed is horrified when the truth comes to light, she prepares herself for the ultimate sacrifice for their sakes.

In The Devil's Daughter, Ms. Drewry manages to provide everything you could ask for in a fairly lighthearted story. Although perhaps a tad short on plot, she seamlessly matches tension with humor and lust with love. And there is an abundance of all of the above, as shown through the character's actions and her descriptions of them, as well as the peeks we get into both Jed's and Lucy's thoughts. We see Lucy as both single-minded and self centered, and yet incredibly amusing in her attempts to cook like a real wife should. We see Jed as straight-laced, and demanding, and yet tender and encouraging of her culinary disasters – not to mention sexy as all get out! Lucy's half brother Deacon, who has no redeeming qualities whatsoever, has his image of evil incarnate slightly tarnished with his ridiculous pet ferret. It is of course the interactions between Lucy and Jed which determine the tone and the outcome of the story, fueled by hesitant yet determined hope. Ms. Drewry has penned a thoroughly enjoyable story and I highly recommend The Devil's Daughter to those seeking to be entertained. Five Angels and a Recommended Read.

Reviewed by: Lynn