The Christmas Curse

Molly Scott has terrible luck during the Christmas season. The list of bad things that have happened to her is so long it is almost mind boggling. This Christmas seems to be going well, until she finds she has lost her job. The department where she works has been eliminated and she is forced to take a job delivering singing telegrams dressed as Mrs. Santa Claus. To compound matters she finds herself late for a job, dressed as Mrs. Claus, in an elevator with a man who clearly has claustrophobia and another who, although handsome, just continues her streak of holiday horror.

The Christmas Curse by Marianne Arkins is funny, heartwarming and completely engaging. I laughed out loud at some of the lines, especially at the thought of getting a training bra for Christmas! Talk about a holiday disappointment! The authorís sense of humor makes this more than just a typical holiday tale. She makes Molly one of the most believable characters around. I am sure we all know (or are) people like Molly. The claustrophobic man in the elevator is truly sympathetic. How Molly relates to him shows more of her character. I enjoyed this short story very much. The Christmas Curse is a holiday delight! The twist at the end was a surprise that was like icing on the cake.

Reviewed by: Marlene