Christmas Cookies: Noel, No Way

An interesting twist on …not at all the way Dickens imagined it! Carolina Magdalena Teresa Pierino, Carlie to her friends, is a vampire and not at all a fan of the Christmas season. Vincenzo di Liberti had once turned Carlie and made her his special Christmas bride on Christmas Eve, but then somewhere along the way they lost that special relationship and drifted apart. Carlie became engrossed in her research to write the best vampire history ever and nothing took her attention away from that goal. Now on Christmas Eve she is visited by three ghostly spirits who show her the past, the present, and the future if she doesn’t do something for Vincenzo tonight! Is it too late to save the relationship between Carlie and Vincenzo?

What a marvelous, inventive, twist of the classic A Christmas Carol story! Christmas Cookies: Noel, No Way by Mardi Ballou is wonderfully entertaining. Readers quickly recognize that Carlie has become scrooge and that the three spirits are necessary to change her before it is too late. But who would have expected a vampire version of the story? It isn’t monetary greed that is Carlie’s problem but neglect of her relationship to Vincenzo because of pursuing her writing goal. What a unique parallel! Am I also at risk of becoming overly busy during the Christmas season to the extent that I ignore my family? Do I become so bogged down with the trappings of Christmas that I miss the reason for the season? Hmm, it is worth taking a moment to consider that idea! I loved this short but inventive vampire twist on A Christmas Carol and you will too!

Reviewed by: Stephanie B.

Stephanie B.