Bonds of Darkness

Kate is an attorney on the fast track to success. Unfortunately, something is missing in her life. Kate does not have time to socialize, date, shop or do much of anything else. Her work keeps her pretty much busy non-stop. The only thing she does allow herself is breakfast with Paul. They have been doing this for over a year but so far, it has not gone beyond that. However, maybe, today, with her dressed to the nines to fight her way in court, Paul will finally notice her as a woman, not that Kate really has time to date him.

Paul notices Kate all right. He has wanted her since the first day he met her in the café. However, Paul has a deep, dark secret that could destroy Kate if she ever finds out. Paul is cursed; he has been for more years than he would like to remember, but he wants Kate and he is willing to go to the one person that he cannot stand, the only person that may be able to save him, in order to be with Kate.

However, before either Kate or Paul can even think about a relationship, they need to deal with their personal lives first. Kate, as a victim advocate, is dealing with a case that may just destroy her emotionally. As for Paul, he needs to see if he can get rid of the curse that has been placed on him. Will they be able to make things work for them? On the other hand, are they destined to miss out on what just may be, the love of each other’s lives?

I absolutely loved this book. Joyce Ellen Armond is a fantastic author. Everything about Bonds of Darkness was superb from the character interactions, to the adventure and plot line, to the emotional roller coaster of Kate and Paul. I found it very romantic that they spent a year just having coffee together with neither of them knowing how the other felt. How sweet is that? However, when one of them is in trouble, the other one is right there fighting alongside to make things right. To me, that is perfect love. High praise to Joyce Ellen Armond for the wonderfully crafted Bonds of Darkness.

Reviewed by: Amanda H.

Amanda H.