Faerie Dust

Faerie Dust by Yolanda Sfetsos is an erotic paranormal.

Shay Lee is a Fae-Hunter, and a strong warrior. She spends her life tracking faeries among the humans and returning them to their true nature. Shay’s life mission is to hunt and nothing more; she has only one friend, Rhiannon, the current Warrior Queen. She swore to her dying mother that she would never let love take her. Her latest case is giving her a hard time. She’s followed Glen Row around for weeks and feels an unnatural pull from him. She wants him and every time she sees him, her body reacts strangely. Things aren’t what they seem in her little faerie world, and her life is about to be rocked.

Faerie Dust is a magical read that pulls you in and keeps you captivated. Shay Lee is a strong, but lonely woman that easily grabs you. She’s just living her life the best she know how with little excitement or love. Her mother’s death left her raw, but when she meets Glen, she feels an unidentifiable attraction. These two are a great match for each other and Glen has no idea what Shay really is. I enjoyed watching these two together, the passion is awesome. The ending was a big surprise and completely unexpected. Thank you Ms. Sfetsos for a magical read, I hope to see more.

Reviewed by: Becky