Adopting Alyssa

There are things Kelly Moore regrets in her life, but right now she is focused on the present. When Alyssaís parents are tragically killed and the toddler placed in Kellyís care, the past comes back and will test Kelly and Jasonís marriage. Kelly knows her husband wants a child and is willing to adopt, but will this make Kelly feel less of a woman? She has prayed for a child, but God has not given her children. However, Kelly will soon learn God works in mysterious ways and this is one way that Kelly is going to feel the love of God. Can Kelly learn to cope with adopting little Alyssa and not question why people think they look alike when she is a stranger to Alyssa? As marriages go, Kelly has it all, but meeting Alyssa is going to make her see life with new eyes. Is this little girl the thing they all need in their lives?

I have never read a story that touched this reviewerís heart as deeply as reading about Alyssa and how easy it is for her to capture peopleís attention. This is a little girl who has known heartache with the death of her parents, but like any child, she brings joy around her. Kelly is a woman who this reviewerís heart went out to. All she wants are children of her own, not some strangers. The thing I liked most about her is that she never gave up hope or in the power of Godís love, which so many people in her place would have done by now. Having kids to her is something to prove that she is still a woman. Any reader who is in the same situation will have renewed hope when they read about Kellyís hope and faith towards God. I loved this inspirational story and highly recommend it. Denise Patrick knows how to create a beautiful and detailed story that touches a readerís heart. Great job.

Reviewed by: Lena C.