Santa’s X-Mas

Chelsea has loved Rob from a distance for two years. He is the boss and she’s just his secretary. Nevertheless, enough is enough! She’ll go crazy if she has to go one more day without him knowing how she feels. And, if after they have sex, he doesn’t want a committed relationship with her? Well, she’ll be happy that she had this one night.

And my, oh my, what a night it’s going to be! It’s the Christmas party at work and Rob’s playing Santa and Chelsea’s his little elf helper. However, Chelsea has a party all her own planned for the two of them in Rob’s office. You have heard of the Twelve Days of Christmas song right? Well, welcome to the 12 Ways of X-Mas. Virgin eyes not welcome. Chelsea has some kinky twists and gifts for Rob in store. And will she get her man? Well, Rob may just have some tricks up his sleeve as well.

What an amazing story! I laughed so hard from beginning to end. Chelsea presents for Rob were hilarious. This story was full of romance, humor, quirkiness, and great characters. This is a definite must have book. It is something I will read repeatedly just to laugh every day. Praise to Lani Aames as always. She always knows how to write her characters and their story perfectly. I really look forward to reading more of this type of story from Lani Aames.

Reviewed by: Amanda H.

Amanda H.