Jason Stuart went to Australia to follow his dreams. Five years later, heís adrift, a former addict who has been having sex indiscriminately and who seems to have forgotten his dream in the constant struggle to stay afloat financially. Then, he steps over the edge and has sex with a very good friendís lover. This becomes a turning point for Jason.

Soon, he is on the road, touring Australia and hoping to put brushes to canvas to paint some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. He never expects to find a traveling companion and more, a man who will transform Jasonís life. Ryan is a young traveler from Canada and he and Jason immediately have a connection. Will their connection grow into love?

Adagio is a fantastic book filled with character growth, a journey of a lifetime, and blossoming love, which comes as a surprise to both Jason and Ryan. The authorís clear love for Australia paints a brilliant backdrop for the story, and, in fact, it is almost a secondary character. The details are so clear that this reader could not help feeling a yearning to visit Australia. Jasonís transformation and change was a pleasure to read. Chris Owen has a very talented hand with well-drawn and dynamic characters. Adagio is a pleasure to read and earns a well-deserved place on my keeper shelf. Chris Owen is one of my favorite authors and this book shows why.

Reviewed by: Cat N.

Cat N.