Brianna’s Navy SEAL

What are you suppose to do when your sister predicted you would one day fall in love with a Navy SEAL? Well, Brianna Macgregor found it to be very amusing and just knew it would never come true. Low and behold, a year after ‘the prediction’, the elementary school where Brianna worked hired an ex-Navy SEAL as the new kindergarten teacher. And, if that wasn’t enough to put Brianna’s mind on high alert, the first time she saw him her body kicked into high gear because he was astonishingly handsome with his rugged good looks. From that moment forth, Brianna knew she was in trouble because the adventurous notion she thought she had left behind jump started again with a vengeance.

Cable Addison was happy to begin a new chapter in his life as a kindergarten teacher. Tired of the non-stop, action pace of a Navy SEAL, Cable was ready to settle down into a nice, quiet, peaceful life. Cable expected the teaching of hyper five year olds to be challenging and he looked forward to it; however, he did not expect to find a woman who set his soul on fire with hot desire. But, before he could convince Brianna he was the perfect man for her, someone from Brianna’s past tried to put a nasty wedge between them. Is all hope lost?

Brianna’s Navy SEAL was a fun-loving, adventurous, romance story. Cable and Brianna were delightful characters who complimented each other very well. Here was a couple who had to overcome numerous obstacles in order to maintain a loving relationship. Brianna was an independent, sparkly heroine; while, Cable was a sexy, take-charge type of guy. The love scenes between them were intensely sizzling and the dramatic conclusion will have you gasping for breath. Overall, I found the plot was well balanced with humorous moments, heated romance, and thrilling suspense.

Brianna’s Navy SEAL is the final story within Natalie J. Damschroder’s Brook Hollow trilogy series and is a stand alone novel.

Reviewed by: Contessa