Project: Silhouette

In Project: Silhouette, Ruth D. Kerce starts off with a classic case of mistaken identity, where ex-research assistant Regina is kidnapped at the behest of ex-security advisor, Garret, who is trying to catch his sister, the ex-head researcher in charge of a top secret experiment, Project: Silhouette. Funded by the government, the idea was to separate shadows from people with the purpose of creating a fearless, ultra-obedient army. Unfortunately, the shadows were not as compliant as planned, Garret's sister took off, and the shadows attached themselves to Garret. Now they are relentlessly torturing him, two males and their partners performing increasingly lurid sexual acts every where he turns, until he is desperate to find his sister to make them go away.

When Gina shows up in the trunk of the car, Garret takes her to his cabin, where they become snow bound. As it turns out, Gina knows the secret to eliminating the shadows: extreme emotional out-put as experienced during explosive acts of violence, or sexual release. Opting for the latter method, Garret and Gina embark on an attempt to achieve such heights of pleasure, with Garret pulling out all stops to push Gina over the edge.

While the premise is somewhat implausible in Project: Silhouette, Ms. Kerce is able to inject a level of realism, which allows the reader to empathize with the level of frustration Garret is experiencing. It is also easy to feel the subtle menace of the shadows as they become more and more real. However, as can be expected from this author, the sex scenes are absolutely scorching, exploring all possibilities, and most certainly not for the faint of heart!! Five Angels

Reviewed by: Lynn