Carnal Ambition

The AEssyrian Kingdom without a leader is left ripe for takeover with only a fearful princess and her bastard child at its helm. Continuing where its predecessor left off, Carnal Ambition starts in the middle of more strife, manipulation, and malicious attempts to take control of the kingdom. Without a true leader for the kingdom, General Gavin is sent to scope out the latest threat to their people while trying to maintain his fragile relationship with the human doctor. Megolyth, leading an ostracized band of soldiers, has his eye on the throne and is willing to do whatever it takes to become a new leader and bring his people back into power. Like before, no one is safe in a kingdom where brutality and treachery is first on the list when deciding how to gather or maintain control.

In another engaging offering, Ms. OíNeill and Ms. Bayer provide a stunning plot full of deception, treason, barbaric behavior, and through it all a love story that is emotionally devastating to watch. In this alien world where the lines of civility are crossed continually, we are graced with a loose cannon of a general willing to gut anyone who impedes his tasks. His fixation with women and drink is only rivaled by his obsession with Dr. Harlan even if it is fueled by his love for her. This series is one I find myself anxious to see continued because I canít imagine what other crazy situations the AEssyrian kingdom will find itself in, or even worse, what other trials and tribulations the relationship of Gavin and Harlan will have to endure in their search for a middle ground where they both can find happiness and peace. This is an awesome book for those of us who love to be enticed by the possibility of alien beings with virile libidos and athleticism that makes you sweat just reading about them.

Reviewed by: Rachelle