Visions of Heat

Faith NightStar is one of the rarest and most valuable of all Psy designations, an F-Psy. She has been trained since she was three years old in predicting market information for the NightStar clan and their business holdings. She has known nothing but isolation and the intrusive monitoring she needs as an F-Psy. Now that she has begun to see dark and disturbing visions she has begun to doubt her sanity and fears what will become of her. Once she finds out her visions were in fact a premonition and her sister is now dead, she knows she needs to go to the one Psy who will not report her, Sascha, the only known Psy to have dropped out of the PsyNet and lived.

Vaughn is a jaguar alone in a pack of leopards. He is also a Sentinal, a group of elite warriors entrusted with the safety of their Alpha and his Psy mate. While on patrol he comes upon a complex that stinks of Psy, yet he senses something different about the single person living inside. When the object of his obsession walks out of that complex one day both of their lives are forever intertwined and life as they all know it will change. Rebellion is in the air and the tight hold the Council has on the Psy is loosening.

Nalini Singh has continued a fantastic series in Visions of Heat. I highly suggest that you read Slave to Sensation before picking up this book. Not only because it is the first in the series and explains a lot of the things in Visions of Heat, but also because it is a fabulous book in its own right.

We are thrust into the life of a cloistered F-Psy; a valuable woman looked upon as nothing but a commodity by her race. When her conditioning begins to unravel, she is overwhelmed by the sensations that are unveiled. Vaughn is always there for her, ready to push her and hold her, depending on what she needs. I thoroughly enjoyed the byplay between Vaughn and Faith and found many of the secondary characters bringing up questions that were not answered. Nalini Singh has done the enviable; she has written a sequel that lives up to its predecessor. I have a distinct feeling there are many more stories to be told in this universe and will be snatching up every single one I can.

Reviewed by: Serena