Lie To Me

MaryJane Peters has been living quietly in the small town of Port Jonah, Maine working as an assistant bank manager until she opens up an envelope not addressed to her. Inside, it contains a death threat for her boss Regina James. MaryJane puts the letter under her desk blotter since it is past closing time and her boss isnít due in until after the weekend, and decides the best thing she can do is try and forget about the bloody thumb print she found on the note.

After leaving the bank, MaryJane heads to the local PickíNíSave to pick up some dinner and runs into Drew Donnelly, the new assistant manager everyone is talking about. MaryJane is dumb-struck by how sexy Drew is and when he invites her out to dinner, she wonders why heís showing an interest in her when he obviously had so many available women to choose from.

MaryJaneís time with Drew doesnít go quite as planned when Drew discovers that she is not MaryJane from Indiana and he isnít the simple assistant manager he claimed to be.

Lie To Me is an adventurous romp through small town life with enticing characters and a tempting mystery. MaryJane is a strong woman who has tried to put her past behind her by changing her name and moving to a town where no one knows her. Drew has a tormented past and is on a mission to try and make up for his past mistakes with his current job.

Selah March has penned an exciting tale that is packed full of comedy, witty banter, and sizzling hot scenes that Iím giving 4 Angels.

Reviewed by: Tammy