Sweet Revenge

Carys has lived through some horrible disappointments. She has lost her parents, and has been forced to live with her uncle, his detestable wife and a cousin who hates her. Her aunt has a caustic tongue that frequently lashes out at her. She’s been able to endure these things, but when her brother is killed, Carys knows she must take revenge on the man who is responsible for his death, even if that man is Thomas, the man Carys is betrothed to.

This is one Regency romance that is less about frippery and frills than about human nature and revenge. I was pulled into this story right away. The exchange between Carys and her horrid aunt is priceless! The nasty old woman is just plain rotten but Carys is quick-witted enough to give as good as she gets. I laughed out loud at the dialogue! So witty and fast paced, it made the words race by. The mystery of this is intricate and could be a bit confusing if the reader doesn’t follow closely. The love story is sweet, and I like the fact that forgiveness and moving on is part of this story.

Sweet Revenge by Marly Mathews is a very enjoyable story, one that is both entertaining and amusing!

Reviewed by: Carly