Harmony Hills mom Stella is aging the way we all do, living a somewhat normal life after moving into an old inherited house in the old hometown and raising a Goth teenage daughter, Cindy, who majors in ‘Vampire Lore’. But all in all, it’s a not-so-normal life for Stella as she shuffles drinks at a local club in too high heels and finds herself having far too vivid dreams about a mysterious lover who nibbles her neck quite distinctly. Then she meets her real life boss, Drake…and her dream lover in one man and now things get interesting.

In Afterglow, author Alicia Sparks delights with the very real creation of an average woman leading an average life…or so she thinks. Then everything starts to shift quickly into the surreal and you start to understand and believe how uncannily easy it can be to accept the weirdest of things…especially when you really want to. I enjoyed the humor and the way the author toys with you in this story, asking everything through the slightly jaded Stella’s voice exactly the way we would do facing a similar set of circumstances. It reaches sometimes in places, but after all, it is a fantasy! And a well done one at that.

Reviewed by: Catrina