The Importance of Almack’s

Everybody in the ton knows that if you don’t get an invitation to Almacks you might as well hide in the country until the next season. Well that won’t stop Kitt in showing off his betroth Pamela Clarkdale and showing to the ton that she is his. What started as a ploy to the ton to keep Pamela’s reputation intact went far more than what Kitt expected. Upon seeing her when she rescued him from a gunshot, he had been enchanted with her from her innocence to the beauty she has inside of her. Unlike her sister, Sheila, Pamela is generous, kind and did I mention beautiful to him. Kitt has never known love and somehow he feels something towards Pamela but definitely not love, or so he thinks. The betrothal was just supposed to be between them but Pamela is a warm soul that attracts people whether she wants to or not and soon their lie turns to something much bigger.

Secrets in Pamela’s family history and in Kitts arise in this tale and pull them closer. The more she’s with Kitt the more Pamela is confused about this whole shebang of lies. She wants more than just a ring on her finger, she wants Kitts love and a marriage that is from his heart not just from a piece of paper. They both agreed no love in this farce but somehow unknown to them love does arise. The thing is can Kitt see what is in front of him before he loses the only love that has come into his life before it’s gone. Can Pamela find the real story about her father and mother?

I loved The Importance of Almacks by Denise Patrick and that is hard to come by when there are few historical romances that fall into my keeper pile but Denise Patrick managed it. She’s got two people who say they don’t want love in their charade, a godmother who is the best matchmaker of the ton (in my opinion) and a sister that is so whiny all the time you just want to shut her up. I fell in love with Pamela for here is a young woman who has never had things for herself because her father always loved her younger sister more than her giving her things like a season that should have gone to Pamela. Then enters Kitt injured, yet regains strength and somehow falls in love with Pamela which snuck up on him. Though it went a little slow in the beginning it ended beautifully and I loved the secrets and secondary characters falling in love. Great job Denise Patrick.

Reviewed by: Lena C.

Lena C.