Romeo and Juliet: A Modern Day Sequel

Romeo and Juliet, the tale of star-crossed lovers and a romance that we all have read about it in our lives yet do we really know the story. What happened after rebellious Romeo is dead? Did Juliet really die?

Romeo is dead and knows life cannot go on without his Juliet. The problem is that instead of joining her in heaven he is stuck in a world between death and the afterlife which somehow put him in the 21st century. It is a stranger that tells him that like him his Juliet has been reincarnated but into someone that he doesnít know. This makes his job harder for as the years go by he starts to forget what he has been searching for in his new life on earth. So it comes as a surprise when he meets a young, talented actress name Emma Gallant.

Romeo seeís Emma for who she reminds him of which is his Juliet. Emma has the same qualities that made him fall in love with Juliet like peace, love for things and a love that he hasnít felt for years. Emma is a whole world apart from the Hawaiian Romeo who knows peace because of his time with a Zen Master. Now that he has come to know Emma, he is determined to somehow find a way to meet her. However, just like ancient Verona there is a Tybalt and a Paris that interferes in their romance in the 21st century. Can Romeo get to Emma or will it be too late? Will they always be the star-crossed lover?

Have you ever found a book that meets all your expectations about a play that some teachers made you read whether for a passing grade or to act out. Well this reviewer fell in love with this book. James Edwards did a beautiful job in this modern tale of Romeo and Juliet. As a reader that loved Romeo, it was interesting to see this Romeo as a monk, and the past lives of the star-crossed lovers. Even Emma, who is a young actress looking for stardom, was refreshing to read and how she had mistakes in her life. The thing I liked the most was that it was just about Romeo and Emma. It was the past lives of them that lured me in. James Edwards has a remarkable imagination and is a great storyteller from ancient Egypt to the pharaohs, to showing us a small glimpse of Atlantis. Each story and romance between Romeo and Emma with their past lives was intriguing.

Reviewed by: Lena C.

Lena C.