Bayou Treasure

As an antique dealer, Marie Bernard lives an organized life but all that is about to change when she has a close encounter with LD Carmouche. In no time, she finds her life turned upside down, her business threatened, and a special agent that makes her feel tingling all over. Special FBI Agent LD Carmouche is from New Orleans but currently he is in Boston, freezing his toes off babysitting Ambassador O’Donnel. Marie and LD meet after a run-in in Boston. Things turn a bit sour when he breaks protocol and allows Marie to stay in his room. His boss is not too happy, fearing it will jeopardize his case. He even considers suspending LD but LD refuses to leave the case. The only way to finish what he has started is to board a plane to New Orleans and get his man. Marie is pitted in the middle when the madman steps into the picture. The stalker is determined to not only get LD, but anyone who is in his path, whether it be Marie, or her brother and sister. Torn between love and duty, LD and Marie work around the clock to stop the madman.

Bayou Treasure is a sizzling read that kept this reader captivated. From the streets of New Orleans, I could feel the ambience that drifted within the pages. The characters blend great chemistry, terrific intrigue and excitement throughout. There were times I could feel Marie’s fright. The interaction between Marie and LD is great. I loved how his character was somewhat vulnerable when it came to finding love. Georgia Tribell spins a magnificent rollercoaster read with strong characterizations and a remarkable storyline. I enjoyed how they faced real obstacles. The dialogue, danger, and family ties, seasoned with some intense action, make one incredible read that doesn’t disappoint.

Reviewed by: Linda L.

Linda L.