The Locktenderís Daughter

Bethany Wilder always helps her father, the locktender, close the gates. She closes the back gate and her father closes the front as the boats are locked in before the captains go back out to the canal again. There was so much happiness going on in her life with her upcoming nuptials to marry her fiancť, Hagan OíNeal. Certainly no one expected him to be killed in the line of duty. No longer desiring to find happiness with anyone, she sets out to stay alone the rest of her life and seek justice for the man who murdered Hagan, a no-good horse thief by the name of Josiah Black.

Tyler Brown has finished his college and returned home. He plans to be a doctor and help people. He is disappointed that his Uncle Josiah didnít keep his part of the bargain and stay away from his no good acquaintances. He has to find out why his uncle didnít keep his part of the bargain, never figuring he would get caught in the shuffle. After following Josiah one night for answers, Tyler is suspected of horse stealing. When he escapes, he ends up in the canal only to have Bethany pull him free. After Tyler wakes and she learns his identity, she formulates a plan to get her retribution on Josiah for killing her beloved. Bethany is surprised that Tyler stirs such feelings inside her. He is sympathetic to Bethany and wishes to offer his support by helping her. As the two form an alliance to snag a way to grab Josiah, the feelings they share for one another intensify.

The Locktenderís Daughter is a lovely read. Bethany and Tyler are interesting characters who seem to have something in common. They want to help others and put a stop to Josiah, while also trying to find a happy life filled with love. The reader gets a feel for Bethanyís sorrow after losing her first love. She emits bravery and determination during her sorrow. After meeting Tyler, I hoped that she would be able to once again share in love and try to bury any hurt she suffered. Uplifting and sweet, Marguerite Arotin pens a story of lost love, revenge, and discovering love all over again. She gives strength to her characters and shows how sometimes even crushed dreams can eventually find a path to begin a life anew. With a colorful cast of secondary characters, this story is a most enjoyable read.

Reviewed by: Linda L.

Linda L.