The Earl’s Enchantment

The Earl’s Enchantment is so much fun! The story is well written and fun, with all sorts of wonderful characters. The first, Adrian Knighton, Earl of Holworth, is a grouchy ghost trapped inside his own castle for over two centuries, is smart and witty, despite his grumpiness. He meets an American woman, Caitlin, and becomes smitten with her. Not only does she see him, she’s not fearful of him. They not only battle words and wits, but go on an adventure together that is entertaining and turns out exactly the way I’d hoped it would.

Sara Freeze does so well with her characters that each one is a gem. Mrs. Dobbs, the housekeeper, is such an endearing character I felt I could practically hear her surprise when she spoke. And Caitlin is willing and eager to do what she can for the Earl, to the point of putting his needs well before her own. That selflessness sealed her fate as a true heroine for me. Adrian, the disgruntled ghost, turns out to be a perfect hero. Smart, fun and handsome, he shows his romantic side which is positively heart melting! This is a good story, with characters that come to life. I enjoyed The Earl’s Enchantment for a number of reasons, but mostly because Sara Freeze has written memorable characters that are still making me smile!

Reviewed by: Marlene