Destiny by Design

Ellis Strathmore, an interior designer, intends to make the most of her opportunity to participate in a design contest. What she does not need is to have to deal with a cranky ex-boss and her attraction to the owner of the construction company. When small things start to go wrong, Ellis just thinks that they are communication problems. Simon Callon is like no man Ellis has ever met before. He is a typical alpha male but he also has a soft side. The more Ellis learns about Simon, the more she wants to know.

Simon Callon will be glad when the design contest is over. Some of the designers are exasperating. And then some are exasperating and beautiful like Ellis Strathmore. The more Simon tries to fight his feelings, the more he realizes that Ellis is a woman he would like to get to know. Discrepancies start to show up as the contest progresses that could end up costing Simon money and his reputation. It is more than a contest to one of the contestants and this person will do whatever it takes to win.

Wylie Kinson’s Destiny by Design is a charming mix of romance and mystery. Ellis and Simon are delightful characters that will touch the readers’ heart and have them wanting more. The physical chemistry between Ellis and Simon is blazing, even as they try to ignore all they have in common. I enjoyed how the two had to work together to determine who is undermining the contest. I look forward to reading more from Ms. Kinson.

Reviewed by: Tewanda