Immortal Protector

Working for the Gods isn’t a job for everyone, but for immortal, shape-shifting warrior Gideon Sinclair, it’s the only thing he’s known for hundreds of years. Yet his latest assignment just isn’t turning out to be what he expected. Killing isn’t a problem, but killing an innocent like Dr. Megan Carter goes against the grain, especially when all he has to rely on is the questionable intelligence from a bunch of mystics. Instead of following blindly, he goes with his gut and instead of killing her, becomes her protector. Can he decipher the circumstances of the convergence before Megan pays the ultimate price?

Megan never expected a chance encounter with a ‘fake’ artifact to completely change her life. Yet that is exactly what has happened. Demons, shape-shifters and immortal warriors are just the tip of the iceberg. Can Megan accept and trust Gideon and his protection or will the power of the Goddess Isis’ artifact destroy everyone?

Immortal Protector is the first book of the Eternity Covenant and a most delicious beginning to a new series. At first Gideon seems the perfect warrior: strong, dedicated, fighting evil to protect the innocent. Yet soon we delve more into his character and discover that there is pain beneath his impervious exterior. When he rescues Megan and begins to know her character, he soon realizes that he cannot condemn her to death. He questions, searches and soon discovers there is more to the woman than what meets the eye. Megan can hardly believe the things Gideon shows her. She’s intelligent enough to know that there is more to his story than what he tells her but she is determined to live the remainder of her life to the fullest…and that includes getting to know Gideon a whole lot better. Their quest to find the answers brings danger, pain and discovery for both of them, not to mention some sizzling sexual encounters. Ms. Bauer has introduced an intriguing world in Immortal Protector and I look forward to more in this marvelous series.

Reviewed by: Trang