Freedomís Touch, Legacy of the Brooch

Freedomís Touch by Sarita Leone is by far one of the best historical romances this reviewer has read in a long time. There is so much happening in this story that it is impossible not to become totally caught up from the very beginning. And even though there is a lot going on and a huge amount of historical information in this, it never feels cluttered or confusing. This is written in such a straightforward manner that even those who donít particularly care for historical tales will enjoy this one. Because it is, through it all, an engrossing love story. The romance in Freedomís Touch made me laugh and cry, and both were well worth it. I was completely hooked from the first page!

Freedomís Touch tells how the brooch comes to America on the Arabella in 1630 with a young Irish couple, Deirdre and Patrick Sullivan. I would like to know what happened to Patrick and Deirdre after their part in this story was over. I know it is another story for another time, but I am hoping the author will write that couple their own story! We can only hope.

Deirdreís descendant, Kay Lane, takes over the tale during the Civil War. Kay watches soldiers march through the little Pennsylvania town where she lives. Theyíre on their way to Gettysburg. Her father, brother and fiancťe are all there as well and she and her sister-in-law, Arden, are left to wait for them to come home from the war.

Kay lives by herself in the family home in a secluded area outside town. It is a spot that gives her lots of chances to aid runaway slaves, which is what she does. We see Kayís intelligence, courage and determination in everything she does. Kay is one of the strongest heroines Iíve seen in a story of this kind. There are so many docile historical leads that Kay is a refreshing change.

The underlying themes of love, sacrifice and freedom are just a few of the things that make this story so great. It is not just an ordinary love story. It is a tale that brings forward the fact that even though times may be turbulent, there can be room for love and romance. Freedomís Touch by Sarita Leone is a historical romance that will touch you not just once, but many times over. Then, it will stay in your heart forever. I loved it!

Reviewed by: Carly