Spinning Wildly

Megan Dempsey is trying to be both mother and father to her 12-year-old son Cody after his father has an accident. She is spending the day in Wonderland, an amusement park, with him. What begins as a great day sours a bit when she splashes mustard on her top. Her son is horrified and embarrassed, as boys his age would be. She cleans up and the day goes on but there is a new twist. She meets up with Mitchell Carter, a man who is a previous teacher of Cody’s. The day gets substantially more interesting.

Spinning Wildly is a quick read but it is not brief on plot or character development. The mother/son dynamic is well written and realistic. I laughed and was horrified for them both when the mustard splashed. I could hear every nuance in their exchanges. I felt like I was right there, along for the day’s adventure, with them. The chemistry between Mitchell and Megan is instant—and hot. I cared whether or not the two, and the two boys who they were with, began more than just a parent teacher relationship. Elle Fredrix has crafted a little jewel with Spinning Wildly. I loved every heart-gripping minute of it!

Reviewed by: Carly