Next Floor Naughty

Ann Cory has written a Hot, Hot, and Spicy story in Next Floor Naughty. Davian is a modern woman and though she has issues from her past, she knows what she wants and she intends to get it. Davian has been in a long term relationship for three years and some of the sizzle seems to have gone from the fire. She loves Liam but they are having some communication problems that she is having difficulty overcoming.

Liam knows he loves Davian and can’t imagine a future without her. After finding an invitation hidden under her pillow to a BDSM party, he is concerned. He tries to get her to talk to him without revealing that he knows, but the harder he tries the worse the communication becomes. Now Liam is filled with doubt and jealousy, obviously he has missed something along the way. Will this party answer Davian's questions? Will she find what she’s looking for?

As guilt follows her around, she will have to woman up to her own wants and needs.

Next Floor Naughty had me holding my breath and gasping by turns. This story moves through the emotions of a relationship on the edge and what it takes to keep one on track. The fantasy that plays throughout this relationship is hot and steamy. Keep a fan handy you’ll need it. Ann Cory had me wishing I could attend her party; just being present vicariously was a wonderful treat. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and will be watching for future stories by this bright and shining author.

Reviewed by: Dana P.

Dana P.