If We Listened

Rachel and Evan Hansen have been surprised by their daughter, Julie, and her boyfriend, Nathan. The young couple has announced their plan to marry. Understandably, Rachel and Evan have some very definite ideas about the news. They know what young love feels like; theyíre not so old that they donít recall how Julie feels. But they know, too, how a decision like this can impact young lives. Their daughterís behavior brings back memories of the way they eloped when they were younger.

If We Listened by Jenna Bayley-Burke is a timeless story about a serious topic. The decision to marry or not is one to be weighed carefully at any age. Any parents in this situation would have concerns. I liked it that this was realistic in its portrayal of the subject. Ms. Bayley-Burke didnít try to gloss over the bigger issue, the marriage of two young adults. The dialogue between Evan and Rachel is compelling and realistic. Aside from the fact that the story is seamless and engaging, this exchange of thoughts and memories between the parents is what I like best about this story. Through their reminiscences, the reader sees how their decision to marry affected their lives. This is a touching, tender story and I honestly loved it. I am looking forward to reading more from this talented author.

Reviewed by: Marlene