Redemption of a Cavalier

Wesley Cole is a Confederate soldier during the Civil War. He is part of a group of soldiers who are part of some fighting near the Ni River. Wesley follows his sergeantís orders and enters an abandoned house. He finds, however, that the house only looks abandoned. Inside he finds someone he knows from before the war, and she is not alone.

He and Abby have a history together. It is one filled with love and joy as well as sadness. They have both done some terrible things to each other in the past. Is this the time for them to begin to heal old wounds? Can they make any progress while facing an approaching battle?

Redemption of a Cavalier by Kathy Otten is a poignant tale, one of forgiveness and moving on. It is a sweet, touching love story. I liked the way the author made her characters come alive, despite the brevity of the story. I felt as if I could feel their emotions and was deeply moved by the way Wesley and Abby donít waste time when they meet. They seem to realize that time is a precious commodity to them. This story gave me a poignant glimpse into the reality of the time, and I enjoyed it very much.

Reviewed by: Marlene