Lady Iona’s Rebellion

The not-unfamiliar topic of forced marriage is what begins Lady Iona’s Rebellion. Her father insists she marry a man of his choosing but her spirit and determination keep her from doing what a proper young woman of her time generally did. She enlists a man who is known for his misdeeds to help her learn how to assert her independence, a chore he takes on whole-heartedly. Nathan has reasons of his own for wanting to get close to Iona. Each has something to gain by the arrangement.

Dorothy McFalls has written a fantastic romantic tale, one which is easy to read, engaging and entertaining. There are no lapses in accuracy regarding the Regency period, as there are in so many other novels based on this time period. This one is true to character in that every nuance, every spoken word and description fit the proper time frame. It is this attention to detail that pulled me completely into this story and made me forget I wasn’t right there on the pages with Lady Iona and Lord Nathan. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I am eagerly awaiting any new book by Dorothy McFalls. Lady Iona’s Rebellion is top rate on all fronts and I am sure whatever follows will be just as good. Well done!

Reviewed by: Carly