Nicholas Durand has come from London to Yorkshire to write a novel, but what he didnít expect was to fall in love with Anna Clarke, a local girl. Nicholas wants to marry Anna and take her away from her drunk of a father. But Anna loves the land she was born on and wonít leave with him. Nicholas worries everyday, especially when one night, Annaís father threatens Nicholas and tells him to leave his daughter alone.

Anna loves Nicholas with everything she is, but she is afraid that Nicholas will finally leave her because he is meant to reside in the big city rather than her own small town. Now her father wants Anna to marry her local neighbor, who treats her like a possession and handles her roughly, the total opposite of the way Nicholas does. Anna needs to find a way to get out of marrying her brute of a neighbor, but before she can go to her true love, she finds out that Nicolas has been burned alive in his home. Anna has no reason to live now and wants to die since her Nicholas is now dead.

Possession is a very heartbreaking tale because Nicholas and Anna donít act quickly enough to help their situation, tragedy ensues. There is not only murder and death but Anna is abused in a way no woman should have to go through. Mardi Ballou has impressed me with the longing and emotions of these two characters, including a non-traditional happily ever after that I didnít see coming. But readers should find Possession to be a true love story in every way.

Reviewed by: Katie