Last Chance

When Tarot reader Susan Pell takes up residence in a little farmhouse near Fresno all she’s looking for is peace and quiet. What she gets are two ghosts for housemates, a couple of great, if a bit quirky, bosses and one sexy cowboy. Max Lancaster doesn’t believe in ghosts or in what Susan does for a living, so at their first meeting he insults her. Furious by his obvious skepticism Susan finds herself fighting the attraction between them even more. The weather isn’t the only thing getting hot around Fresno. With the ‘help’ of her housemates and fate Susan finds she’s no match for their sneaky ways.

The chemistry between Max and Susan sparks from their first meeting and with the added bonus of him thinking she’s weird living in a haunted house and working in a place like Dragon’s Plunder, the tense sizzles. From Susan’s quirky bosses, Martha and Rick, to the ghosts, Bernard and Alice, Kit Wylde has weaved such a funny story of two people destined to be together. No one can fight fate with these people in their lives. When Susan tries everything she can think of to steer clear of Max she only ends up right next to him. It doesn’t help that Bernard and Alice keep telling her Max is the one. Or that Martha is urging her back into the dating pool. Last Chance is an enthralling tale of finding love where you least expect it. Ms Wylde’s style is easy to read and pulls you in on the first page. Last Chance is a perfect little book for a lazy afternoon.

Reviewed by: Rachel C.

Rachel C.