Nice Girls Do

Cara Davis intends to change her life, for the better. Sheís tired of the party lifestyle, has joined AA and has quit her job as a stripper to work a normal job in a coffee shop. It is a struggle but Cara intends to be a nice girl now. Bad boy Mark Sawyer, her new bossís oldest son, is not on her list of improvements. Cara knows she needs to stay far away from a man like Mark but she just canít resist him. Why couldnít she be more attracted to his nice, safe, brother David? Now she has just found out that the coffee shop and the job she likes is threatened because the building management company wants to do something else with the building instead of little retail shops. Mark has an idea on how to save the business but he wants Cara to use her old contacts. Will Cara have a job in the coffee shop even if they save it if her boss learns what she used to do for a living? Why canít she just stay away from Mark; heís leaving soon anyway.

Nice Girls Do by Michelle Miles is a cute tale about people who have grown up, changed old habits, and are on their way to being the person they want to be. I think most of us can relate to discovering that the things we did in our youth are not as interesting as we out grow them. I enjoyed reading about Cara and Mark as they struggled to gain respect from others for having the strength to change their lives. But can they really stop being a bad girl or a bad boy completely and do they really want to? When Cara and Mark come together sexually, it is hot and defiantly not for good girls or boys! This story has an uplifting message that although it may be hard, you can choose to change your life if you want to and you donít have to give up everything!

Reviewed by: Stephanie B.

Stephanie B.