As a divorce attorney, Karl Dawson is at the top of his field and a little jaded on the area of love after seeing what two people can do to each other. His usual way of escape has been sex and more specifically, a sex club called The Dungeon where as a dominate he can throw off the day to day battles of the courtroom and indulge himself, but lately even that has bored him until the day he walks into his office and meets Laura. Something about her draws him to her even though sheís not his usual type and after their first dinner together Karl canít stop from thinking about her.

Lara Fox is a self admitted flirt and enjoys the way it makes her feel more sexy and in control. When she flirts with her friend and roommates boss Karl, every instinct she has tells her that Karl is trouble but she just canít resist the kind of trouble he represents.

Wicked by Sasha White is a hot, sumptuous tale!

Karl is a self assured alpha male that is right in his element as a dominate. Laura is a strong, independent woman who knows her own mind but keeps walls up around her heart to protect herself. When these two come together all bets are off and their wickedly delightful interactions will have steam rising from the pages.

This fast moving story is sure to keep you wanting more with its erotic action, delightful characters and intriguing plot. It was also nice to hear Karlís story after getting to know him a bit in Bound and Trouble, though reading the previous stories isnít imperative to keep up in Wicked. 5 Angles!

Reviewed by: Tammy