Dolphin Dreams

Dolphin Dreams by Jules Jones takes on an adventure into the life of Martin, a sexual submissive, who is taking a break from his life to recover from a relationship gone bad. He decides to go to his best friend Simonís beach house to get himself together. The trip become much more than he bargained for when he meets two mysterious men who turn his world and his beliefs upside down.

Martin, is a submissive, but only in the bedroom. He is a successful businessman and takes charge in the outside world, but in the bedroom he wants to hand over the reins of control and be dominated. He is looking for someone who can fulfill these desires while understanding that his submissiveness is left at the door when he walks out of the bedroom. While out on a boat ride for some R& R he explains all this to two dolphins that seem fascinated with him.

Patrick and George are two mysterious men who rescue Martin after an accident and make no bones about being sexually attracted to Martin. They are strong, sexy, and oh so dominating. But will thier secret stand in the way of them getting Martin?

Wow! I really enjoyed most of this story. I really felt Martinís need and desires and envied his easygoing relationship with Simon. How nice it would be to have such a good friend. Patrick and George are so hot and I loved the contrasts within their characters personalities. The plot was very cohesive and the interactions between characters flowed, they were very three dimensional. There was one small plot element that had me sitting back in my chair a bit but it was integral to the full development of the characters mťnage. I understood where the author was going with it and that it was necessary but it still made me go hmmmm.... Of course, that is what authors are supposed to do. Engage your mind and expand your horizons. Jules Jones has certainly expanded this readerís horizons. This is a great read!

Reviewed by: Hayley