His Convenient Affair

Chloe has gotten into a business situation that unsettles her to the extreme. In order to meet the commitment on a piece of property she has purchased at auction, she is faced with the reality of selling her small cottage. For Chloe, the cottage is home and represents the security she holds so dear. But in order to move forward in life, sometimes the things held dearest need to be released. When she meets Nathan, Chloe has a difficult time trusting him because she’s lost everyone she has cared for in the past. She can’t risk having her heart broken again. Nathan has some secrets he is hiding, about who he is and who his family is. He isn’t ready to trust Chloe yet either. Will the couple ever be able to see past their business dealings and find the truth in their hearts?

His Convenient Affair is an entertaining story. Although I felt that Chloe was prone to self-pity, the plot makes up for this somewhat annoying trait in the heroine’s character. And since she is likeable in every other respect, it is easy to overlook this factor. Nathan is a strong, smart businessman whose charisma makes up for Chloe’s wishy-washiness. Tricia Jones’ writing is clean and clear, her dialogue realistic and overall this story kept me spellbound. I wondered what Nathan was hiding, because I knew he had secrets! The ending was a surprise because although I saw Chloe’s unwillingness to commit, I never did figure out just what motivated Nathan. A well written, entertaining story! 4 Angels

Reviewed by: Marlene