Jake’s Return

Rebecca Reed had heard that Jacob Donovan was out of prison and knew he’d be coming back to town. She knew he wasn’t guilty of the crime that had put him there, murdering a woman in the heat of passion. She just hopes that the town will give him another chance like they’d given her. She and Jake had been best friends since childhood because they both had been outcasts, now she’s the town’s librarian and has a secret that just might make him run again. She has to be sure of him before she can tell him about their daughter, Rebecca can’t take the chance that he’ll hurt Katie like he’d hurt her. But there are things going on around them that just might put Jake back into prison. Can she get the answers before something happens to both Katie and Jake?

Jake only came back to town to sell the house that his dad owned, he knew he couldn’t stay. He never thought he’d run into Rebecca, she’d been in Pittsburgh the last time he’d seen her. Running out on her after their night together hadn’t been one of his better moments, but he knew he wasn’t good enough for her. Finding out he had a daughter, Jake knew he had to leave sooner than he’d first thought; he couldn’t mess up her life like his dad had done to him. When the sheriff’s tires are flattened, Jake of course is the first suspect since the car had been left at the garage where he worked. Now Katie is missing and Jake and Rebecca have to find her before their worst nightmare comes true and Jake get put back into prison. Who’s been taking kids and why do they want to frame Jake?

Ms. Laverentz has written a spellbinding story of intrigue, mystery, and love. The characters Rebecca and Jake are so powerful and well thought out that the reader instantly wants these two to find that they not only deserve to be together but that they also are each other’s halves. I was immediately caught up in the story with the first sentence, “Rebecca Reed would never forget the sound of Jacob Donovan walking back into her life.” I could not only see it but feel it and smell it also. Thank you Ms. Laverentz, I can’t wait until I read more from you, and you’re definitely on my keeper shelf.

Reviewed by: Donna