Bootlegger’s Bride

Bryeton, North Carolina, 1920

Aidan Palmer, known as Preacher, is having a hard time getting over the war. There are things that still make him shake, even the backfiring of a car causes him to jump. He hates being a disappointment to his father, but he can’t live in his father’s shoes. After being in the war, he can’t attend any seminar because he has no desire in becoming a preacher. With the money his father gives him for the seminar, Preacher buys a new car. Returning home after losing his best friend in the war wasn’t easy. Carson had been a great friend, but he had also been the one that stole his girl and married her. Now Preacher sees Carson’s widow, Grace, and old memories re-enter his heart. Grace Louise McAfee Currie had not seen Preacher since he reenlisted three years prior. The years before she remembered her love for Preacher and the brooch her grandmother had given her that he still carried. Grace wants too much to be with Aidan again. She never loved Carson; it was a forced marriage, by a father and a brother who chose to run her life. More than anything, she wishes her freedom to stand on her feet and be out from under her brothers and fathers thumb. When tragedy comes knocking on Grace’s door and Preacher stands up to his father, it seems the only thing left is for Preacher and Grace to find acceptance in each others arms. But with the running of shine and political issues standing in their way, the obstacles may be harder than they think.

Bootlegger’s Bride is a tale with characters that stand out, show their weaknesses or strength and grabs hold of the reader. I wanted to jump into the pages and reach out to Aidan and Grace. I could hear their hearts screaming in pain to be together again and remove the barrier that stood between them. The freedom they sought to be away from their families and to be with each other could be felt by this reader. Marty Kindall creates a fantastic read that breathes life with each page. Her unique characters really make the story convincing and a complete joy to read. With the aftermath of the war, along with prohibition and bootlegging, not to mention the lengths that some politicians will go to, this tale spins with great creativity. This is my first story by Ms. Kindall, and it certainly won’t be my last.

Reviewed by: Linda L.

Linda L.