Do You Believe in Magic?

The soul mate imperative brings together magic practitioners and their mates. Supposedly, the mated couple falls head over heels in love, and lives happily ever after. However, that is not happening for Clay when he finds his soul mate, Francie. Someone has been hacking into her employer’s computers using Francie’s computer from home. In order to catch the culprit, Clay proposes to act as her boyfriend since he is the computer wizard brought in to solve the problem. Francie and Clay are meant to be together, but only if Clay can break down her defenses.

Francie and Clay are two strong characters. The author brings them to life with her depiction of their growing relationship. Francie doesn’t believe what Clay is telling her, and it becomes a fun-filled struggle for him to convince her. She is a great heroine – one this reader thoroughly enjoyed. She shows signs of stubbornness and vulnerability. Clay is a man who takes it for granted that his soul mate will fall into his arms. He is shocked by Francie’s reaction, and at times, his responses to her are quite humorous. This couple was great together, and the chemistry was just right. Not only does the author give us a lead couple to love, the people surrounding them are winners too, from Daria to Tamara. They all add to the richness of the story. Run, don’t walk to get your copy of Do You Believe in Magic? It is a fun and fast read – perfect for the beach or in your favorite spot for reading!

Reviewed by: Susan T