To Have and Have Not

Jack is part of the resistance movement but now itís time for him to get out and take Laura with him, or so he hopes. Heís afraid that after the way heís treated her, she wont go with him or believe him. Finding her in his room waiting for him puts his plans on hold; he has to have her even if itís the last time. Only now it seems he has one last job to do before he can leave Baltimore. Will he be able to join Laura at the checkpoint, or will she be on her own? These are the questions he asks himself as he heads out to help the resistance once again.

Laura knows that Jack is just waiting to break up with her so heading to his basement apartment she plans to hold onto the one thing she has left and thatís her pride. Things are a little bit different than sheíd imagined, what with his friend Ellie showing up, blackbirds lining up outside the window, and hearing a story about Jack just may change Lauraís mind about that breakup.

This short story by Ms. March grips the reader from the first sentence. The heat thatís generated between these two characters scorches the pages. I love the uncertainty that Jack shows, even though heís an alpha male, not only about his relationship with Laura but about himself and whatís heís become since the Breach. Ms. March packs a lot feelings and insight into this 27 page story that readers will not only enjoy but will be telling their friends about.

Reviewed by: Donna