The Bell Curve

In this exciting and enjoyable sequel to The Jason Factor, Jason’s current author, Jen, finds herself transported to her favorite character’s world after Jason mysteriously disappears. Though she has found her man, she also finds herself at the center of a fictional but very real battle for control of that universe. Her power as the “goddess” whose written words control destinies makes her a target everyone is willing to battle for, and it’s up to our hero Jason to protect her so she can return safely to the real world. Will Jen survive to finish the final chapter in her romance with her science fiction lover?

There is a great sense of humor blended into Ms. June’s work that helps draw the reader into her world. At times I was reminded of Buck Rogers, but the heat rises a lot hotter. The plot weaves quickly between taut action, then a seductive romp between the sheets, keeping the reader anxious to turn the next page. The characters are strangely believable in their imaginary setting, and you cheer for them to find the happy ending they so richly deserve.

Reviewed by: LeeAnn