Le Jardin de la Lumiere

Ryan Esson thinks he has it all when Michael helps him get his paintings shown in a gallery. Everything gets that much better when Ryan and Michael start a relationship. Three years later Ryan comes home to a cleaned out apartment and his bank accounts empty. He relies on his good friend Iris until he can get back on his feet, but getting over Michaelís deception proves most difficult. When he gets a mysterious letter in the mail inviting him to an island retreat for the weekend, he figures he has nothing more to loose. Ryan hopes to get his muse back and start painting again at the very least. What he doesnít expect is to be attracted to someone again, but who can resist a gorgeous, charming man like Eric? Also, things on the island are not at all as they appear.

What a pleasure Le Jardin de la Lumiere was. Ryanís character was written so well he nearly broken my heart with all that pain and hurt he carried around with him. Ryan painted Eric long before they met and this brings everything around at the end, giving the whole of the novel a deeper understanding. Also, I loved the way Irisí character was used to propel the plot along. This coupled with the rest of the characters on the island, and the roles they play made the story that much more fun to read. Jesse Fox creates a fun and heart felt novel that is well worth the read.

Reviewed by: April