Passionís Victory

Micah Souther is part owner of his families business. Heís young, energetic and hot for the new guy at the office, Jonas Chadwick. Micah doesnít even know if the man is gay though. Micah decides to start off slow with Jonas, inviting him for coffee. But things quickly heat up between them. At forty-eight years old, Jonas has acquired quite a bit of baggage through the years. Jonas isnít ready for anything romantic, and Micah isnít willing to settle for anything less. Will his baggage be too much for the both of them?

You canít help but like both of these characters. Even though I would have liked to have been in Jonasí head both characters had an enduring quality that only got better the farther into the story I read. The story is told in first person format through Micahís point of view which may have been a slight hindrance to this novella. However, I couldnít help but like this office romance and the conflicts that were presented. Who doesnít love a good office romance story? The romance may have progressed quickly between these two characters, from a chronological standpoint anyway, but that didnít detract from the plot at all. All in all, Passionís Victory was well worth the read.

Reviewed by: April