Between the Lines

Meg Greyson would have married any one of the eligible young bachelors in New York, but with five incredibly overprotective older brothers, none stood a chance. Beginning a written correspondence and searching for marriage to a man out West seemed to be her best option.

After a lengthy period of letter writing, Meg ventures out to Wyoming Territory to marry the kind, gentle man whoís penned such wonderfully poetic letters. However, the silent Brendan Kelly is nothing like he described himself and whatís more, he doesnít seem all that thrilled to see Meg, not to mention marrying her. Not to be deterred, Meg insists on getting to know the recluse. Refusing to see the danger in him that others do, she only gives him her love and support.

Brendan isnít sure why Megís come to see him. All he knows is heís not the man in her letters and heís not the man she sees in him. He canít seem to let her go, but he knows that once he tells her about his past, sheíll leave him anyway. He tries to keep his distance, but then Meg goes missing. He knows she didnít leave voluntarily and worthy of her or not, heíll do everything and anything to find her and see her to safety.

Never much of a Western fan, the idea of marrying a man sight unseen intrigued me, so I made the decision to read Between the Lines. I have to say, Iím incredibly impressed. Kathy Otten writes a wonderfully engaging story of two people coming together in unusual circumstances and finding love in the most unlikely of places.

The pert, energetic Meg is perfect for Brendan as sheís grown up around five brothers and isnít likely to be intimidated by this man who keeps everyone at a safe distance. Brendan is the perfect tortured hero. I wasnít sure if I should cry over the injustice of his past or swoon over his quiet strength. Cattle rustling, saloons, ranches and six shooters abound in this Western love story. I look forward to reading more works by Kathy Otten in the future.

Reviewed by: Bella