Love Me

Melina Wenham doesn’t think her live-in boyfriend, Gavin, is cheating on her. At least, he says he’s simply trying to finish a massive project at work and doesn’t have any energy once he returns home. Still, that’s no reason for him to completely ignore the new lacy bustier or her hot Brazilian way job. When he does make time for sex, he either falls asleep in the middle of the act or opts for his own solo sessions. If he’s not cheating on her, then he’s obviously lost interest in her. What’s a girl to do?

At a friend’s housewarming party, Melina confesses to a friend that there’s trouble in paradise. Knowing that Melina would never flirt with another man just to make her boyfriend jealous, Abby instead suggests that she flirt with another woman—her. Flirting soon becomes much more and when Gavin walks in on the two women locked in an intimate embrace, will he finally realize that he’s been neglecting his pretty girlfriend or will the girl-on-girl scene be too much for him to handle?

Love Me is a well-written, blisteringly sexy short story by author Kelly Jamieson. It explores the fantasy many women have of loving another woman, even if for only one night. The concept of daily living getting in the way of intimacy and paying attention to one’s mate is hardly an unrealistic concept. However, while flirting with and acting upon a flirtation with someone of opposite sex is considered infidelity in this story, it seems to showcase the message that sex with a same-gender partner is not.

Having read other words of lesbian or bi-sexual romance, I was looking forward to an entertaining read. I have to say I was a bit disappointed by the cavalier way that infidelity was handled. Fully recognizing that this is a work of fiction, I still had difficulties believing that these two people could not communicate to each other their own wants and needs. What’s more, due to that lack of communication, under the guise of making her boyfriend jealous, the heroine went to another woman to have them met, even if the encounter began as a simple flirtation.

Reviewed by: Bella