Whatís a Ghoul To Do?

Lilith Graves and her partner own the Fangly, My Dear dating service, a service that specializes in finding matches for the paranormal community. Unfortunately for Lilith the dating scene hasnít been kind to her, no matter that she can match just about anyone.

Rafe Graywolf is the alpha of his pack and is being forced by the elders to use the dating service to find a lifemate. Rafe has no shortage of women eager to warm his bed but the elders insist that the woman meet all the strict requirements of the pack and feel that the dating service is the route to go.

Lilith expects things to go a bit roughly due to Rafeís reluctance to take a mate but what neither expected was the instant attraction that they feel for each other, especially since Lilith is a demi ghoul and at the bottom of the social ladder compared to Rafe and his lineage.

Whatís a Ghoul to Do is part of the Fangly, My Dear series by Mardi Ballou. It isnít strictly necessary to read Byte Marks first but you miss out on a fun book and a lot of backstory. That being said, Whatís a Ghoul to Do? can stand alone. Written with Ms. Ballouís usual flair for the humorous and with a great cast of characters Whatís a Ghoul to Do? is a solid 5 Angel read. Lilith is a study in contrasts, beautiful inside and out but forced by societies prejudices to see herself as undesirable. Rafe is one of those beautiful people, the son of an alpha and now an alpha himself, he is self confident and secure in the knowledge that he can handle himself in any situation. Or so he thinks. I really loved the interactions between Rafe and Lilith. The novella was fast paced and I found myself cracking up several times within the story. I highly recommend this humorous romp into the paranormal world.

Reviewed by: Hayley