Just the Sexiest Man Alive

Lawyer Taylor Donovan is working hard to become partner. She thrives on the long hours and tough cases. When she is transferred to Los Angeles to handle a sexual harassment lawsuit she views it as an opportunity to shake off her ex-fiancé and move on with her life. Then Taylor is told she has to give lessons to Jason Andrews for a lawyer role he received. She is less than thrilled. The last thing she needs is another selfish, spoiled man cluttering up her life.

Actor Jason Andrews lives the life of his dreams. Anytime, anywhere, all it takes is one look and he can have all the female attention he wants. So why, after one look at Taylor, does he want no one else?

Just the Sexiest Man Alive by Julie James is a laugh out loud funny read. I loved the way Taylor handled Jason and didn’t let his star status faze her. It is nice to see such a down to earth heroin and a hero that has to work to get what he wants. Ms. James writes very human characters that, like we do, have communication problems. Their resolutions are hilarious to read and I can see them clearly in my mind! As I read the words on the page they were easily brought to life. This is my first book by Ms. James, but it will definitely NOT be my last!

Reviewed by: Kim N.

Kim N.