Knight's Desire

Mariella Rizzoli's father dies, leaving the twenty-two year old spinster without ownership of the only home she has ever known. The keep has fallen into the hands of the recently returned from war Baron Romano DiSanto. Mariella hopes to convince Romano to sign over the rights to her. Knowing nothing of the man, she infiltrates Romano's keep to get close to him. She sneaks onto the grounds, posing as a servant.

Romano knows something isn't quite right about his new servant. Mariella speaks and dresses well above her class. She also dodges his questions about her past. He decides to keep the attractive young woman close, appointing her to his chambers. When he uncovers her plot, Romano presents Mariella with an offer. If she seduces him, he'll let the innocent beauty have the keep.

Although taking a few pages to get used to, the old time sentence structure and quaint language adds to the charm of Knight's Desire. Mariella is as plucky as heroines come, taking all the punishment and grueling chores Romano dishes out. She is determined to get her keep back. Romano's treatment of the villainess is jarring to modern sensibilities but likely in tune with how a medieval Baron would treat a woman he despises. Knight's Desire will not disappoint medieval romance lovers.

Reviewed by: Kimber