Awakening Desires – Jackson’s Jewel

Running from a stalker, Emerald Jewel never dreamed of finding the perfect hide out, or the perfect man. But that’s just what she finds when she answers a help wanted ad for a housekeeper. Jackson’s farm is the perfect hiding place for Emerald and the attraction to Jackson just might prove a welcome distraction from the nightmare her life has become.

Jackson Connors might not want to have a housekeeper but the minute he sets eyes on Emerald his body couldn’t disagree more. Keeping her at arm’s length is the hardest thing he’s ever done, but he doesn’t intend to take advantage of her in her vulnerable state. When the chemistry between them ignites their bodies aren’t the only thing inflamed. Her stalker turns deadly and Emerald can think of only one way to keep Jackson safe. Leave him.

The more N.J. Walters books I read the more of a fan I become. Ms. Walters knows how to pull you in with ease and before you know it you’ve ignored the real world for one of her making. Jackson’s Jewel is another great example of storytelling at its best, every character is a living breathing person and so real you’d swear you were sitting in their kitchen watching the story unfold. I loved the suspense in this book, both the stalker out to possess Emerald at any cost, and waiting for the sexual tension between her and Jackson to finally snap, because you know the minute it does there’s going to be one hell of an explosion. The sex is hot, no, scorching and the emotional connection growing between Emerald and Jackson unfolds before your eyes. I haven’t read any other book in this series and I can hear my credit card screaming already because there’s no way I’m spending another day without the rest of them. Once again Ms. Walters has proven why she should be on my automatic buy list, and now that she’s there I’m off to get all the books I don’t have yet. I can’t wait for the rest of this series, after reading Jackson’s Jewel you’ll agree with me when I say there is no way Ms. Walters can go on without telling the rest of the Jewel sisters stories.

Reviewed by: Rachel C.

Rachel C.