Bedroom Behavior 101

Gabrielle Dayton is starting a new life, away from her controlling family and their expectations of who she should be. And first on her list to help her take control of her life is getting rid of that pesky thing sheís had for twenty-six years; her virginity. When Luke Delaney turns up on her doorstep to give her a quote on some renovations, itís not just her house she wants him to renovate. No, she wants the sexy builder to teach her all there is to know about sex.

Luke takes one look at the woman bent over in her kitchen cupboards and wants her. The tools in his belt arenít the only ones ready to do some work. Heís never mixed business with pleasure and isnít about to start but once the job is finished heís planning on getting to know Gabrielle better, a lot better. Keeping business and pleasure separate was never this hard and when Gabrielle makes the first move Luke isnít about to knock her back. Only the hot Ďjustí sex theyíre having is turning into more than either expects or wants.

Bedroom Behavior 101, the third book in The Delaney series brings us Luke, the love Ďem and leave Ďem brother. Sophia Rae captivated me with Luke in the first book of this series and Iíve been waiting with bated breath for her to give us his story. Ms. Rae has found the perfect woman to put a spoke in Lukeís wheel. Gabrielle is all innocence and boldness and the contradiction is part of her draw, you have no problem identifying with her struggle to take charge of her life. Luke and Gabrielleís journey is full of hot sex that has your toes curling and your butt squirming. But thereís no doubt of the deeper feelings developing between the two. Ms. Rae expertly weaves them around their bedroom activities; not that she confines them to the bedroom. If youíve read any of the other Delaney books you wonít want to miss this one and if you havenít, itís still worth picking up a copy and spending a little time in class with Luke and Gabrielle. Bedroom Behavior 101 is one lesson worth taking.

Reviewed by: Rachel C.

Rachel C.