Crime Tells: Coleís Gamble

Cole Maguire is far from ready to settle down, so when his grandmother predicts a wedding in his future and then describes a woman heís been lusting after for months, Cole does the only thing he can. He runs. Now heís back, and the attraction to Renata Reynolds is stronger than ever. Stuck working a case that ensures theyíre together constantly, Cole gambles he can give in to their mutual attraction and when the case is over walk away. Itís the biggest gamble of his life.

Renata canít get the sexy white man out of her fantasies. Dating is hard enough but with her being black, it could only be more complicated. When she stumbles across the body of a woman and suddenly becomes the target of a killer, Renata has no choice but to trust Cole to keep her safe. And the place she feels safest is in his strong arms. Not a gambler by nature, Renata will lay down the one bet that could destroy her; her heart. That is if the killer doesnít get to her first.

The Crime Tells series by Jory Strong has long been on my most read list, and this latest addition, Coleís Gamble didnít disappoint me. I love this family of PIís and couldnít wait to dive back in and find out what they were up to. Itís fun getting to visit with all the wonderful characters who have had their stories told already, and the little snippets of info that get you thinking about the next book in the series only whet the appetite for more of Ms. Strongís magic. Cole is a contradiction. Heís a high stakes gambler used to putting thousands of dollars on a hand, but when it comes to life, he rarely gambles. Riding herd over his younger brotherís and their less than straight lines of behavior keep him on his toes, so heís not about to saddle himself with a wife no matter what his grandmother says. Watching while he tries to convince himself he can have Renata without getting attached was enthralling. He canít help but take care of her, in and out of the bedroom, but itís not long before he starts to realize heís in deep. Renata lays her heart on the line even though sheís been hurt by a player before, but the more time she spends with Cole the more she realizes she may have been too quick to judge him. Ms. Strong combines sexual tension, hot sex and a life threatening, action packed adventure thatís worth signing up for. Coleís Gamble is a great addition to this series, and if you havenít read any of the Crime Tells series, you need to get a hold of this book and see what youíre missing.

Reviewed by: Rachel C.

Rachel C.