Electrify Me

Itís a good thing Krista writes brazen, sexy characters in her books because itís the closest sheíll ever come to being one, and when sexy Vance turns up on her door step she couldnít feel her lack of vixen traits more. Krista is shocked to discover herself flirting with the younger man and even more shocked when she accepts his offer to not just fix her houses electrical problems but to help her try out some of the things she writes about. Can a couple of romps with this hunk turn her into the sex goddess sheís always wanted to be?

Electrify Me definitely lives up to its name. Renee Fieldís electrician is more than capable of getting a spark. Vance is every single womanís dream electrician, no matter what their age; I certainly donít blame Krista for taking him up on his offer. Ms. Fieldís short story delivers on everything it promises, and she doesnít leave out the emotions, this isnít just about the sex. Itís about a woman discovering who she really is with the help of a man not afraid to go after what he wants. The sex is scorching but I enjoyed all their interactions, with and without clothes. I loved the way Vance pushed Krista just enough to encourage her to ask for what she wanted and I found myself more than satisfied at the end of the book.

Reviewed by: Rachel C.

Rachel C.